Town Crier Mike
A proclamation for all occasions

If you need an unusual, colourful and LOUD way to promote an event, add a little extra "oomph" to your wedding or provide an unusual surprise to someone on a special day, then I can do all these things and more. You can be sure that I will attract attention! So add a touch of colour and class for an appeal that reaches all ages.

Openings and Product Launches
As the Town Crier, I will attract the media as well as the public. My presence will positively help to ensure that your event is well-covered in the local media, as well as providing a colourful and different attraction.

I can provide a "wake up" call to the bride. No one sleeps when this Town Crier is about! I can also deliver proclamations at the church and/or the reception. I can announce your betrothal and imminent wedding, much like the reading of the Banns in church, but with a more courtly flourish!

If you are thinking about hiring a Toastmaster for your special wedding day, click HERE to visit the website of the Thetford Toastmaster.

Special Days
Cards and flowers are very nice of course, but why not surprise someone with something a little different on their special day? I can write and deliver a special proclamation.

Ale Tasting
Historically, Town Criers checked the quality of ale in inns, and may even have acted as an early Weights and Measures Inspector. Apart from making the Town Crier's day, an ale tasting event is a colourful, intriguing and a magnet to attract media attention to the opening of a new or refurbished pub/hotel, or perhaps a new brew.
Births and Christenings
The birth and christening of a new baby is always a special occasion, but why not make it even more memorable? I will compose a specially written proclamation for you and deliver it at a time and place of your choosing.
Fund Raising or Charity Event
I am always willing to help a charitable cause.

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