Town Crier Mike
A proclamation for all occasions
The cost is:

£50 for a maximum of 2 hours
£75 for a maximum of 4 hours
£100 for the whole day (6 hours)

However, if the booked time period is exceeded, then there is an additional charge of £15 per hour or part thereof. So for example, booked time of 2 hours (£50), but time on the job 2 hours 20 minutes (extra £15), so total cost £65.

Please discuss this with me at the time of booking if you have any queries. I am happy to provide a quote for a specific job.
I am always happy to consider charity events.
£40 for a wake up call.
£50 for a proclamation at the Reception venue.
£80 if both booked together.
Births & Christenings
£50 for a specially written proclamation for the birth and/or christening of your new baby.
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