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Hints & Tips

Each event is different, each cry is different. It can take anything from an hour to several days to compose a cry that best suits the purpose of a gathering and truly welcomes those attending.
Here are some basic guidelines that I take into consideration when writing a bespoke cry:
A good cry is rarely more than 125 words in length. Beyond this, the attention of the crowd starts to wander.
A good cry contains some point of history or background. Starting off with an interesting local twist makes everyone attentive to what is about to follow.
A good cry contains elements of humour. This is preferably not an inside joke that may only relate to a few, but a moment of lightness that everyone will appreciate.
A good cry is written with careful attention to the choice or words. A repeated phrase, elements of alliteration and a formal structure makes the Crier's efforts to get the message across easier.
A good cry contains the correct phrases. In corporate situations in particular, the Crier is often asked to proclaim on a topic that has many "buzz words". If this is the case, please make me aware of these terms in advance, along with their meaning. But do try to keep such words to a bare minimum.
There are a few elements that you should consider that will add to my presentation:
I will begin using a bell. Swinging a heavy bell requires room and a margin of safety.
I need to be able to get to where I can be seen. Please ensure that I have easy access for entry and exit.
I will introduce the Mayor, or other local dignitary, immediately at the end of my cry, if applicable.

You should avoid:

Having me recite long lists of names, financial data, product lines or anything that is better done by someone else as part of a speech.
Having me read advertising copy. I will take the absolute essence of what you wish said and present it properly for you. Extended advertising copy, designed to be read in a magazine or newspaper does not proclaim well. So just provide me with the material and highlight elemenst you wish to see in the cry.
Leaving the arrangements until the last minute. This does not work!
Having a Master of Ceremonies introduce me. Let me get everyone's attention and start the event. I will then introduce the MC after the cry.

Remember, I am there to open, welcome and proclaim at your event. How well you plan ahead, and how carefully you provide me with the background on what you wish to have said, will determine how effective I am at your event.



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